eNewsletter of Multiple District Four California Lions
Issue 3, February 2017
 Council Chair David Radtke

“A Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way!”

~John C. Maxwell

Greetings Brothers & Sisters in Service,

We all serve in leadership roles in our lives; as Parents, Family, Partners, Professionally, and in our Volunteer associations. We have people that we interact with daily, that look to us for leadership and guidance.

Leadership takes many different avenues of expression, and these roles are directly impacted by the relationships we have with those in our scope of leading. Whether or not you are naturally passive, inclusive, collaborative, assertive or authoritative, also plays a role in the way we deal with the people in our lives. We can all force ourselves to act in manners that are outside our comfort zone, but understanding your comfort zone and using it in your leadership style will lead to better satisfaction and successes.

"Being a leader requires a large tool box of skills..."

Most leaders that are successful, understand that being a leader requires a large tool box of skills that can be called on to deal with situations individually. Leaders have other common traits that also lead to their successes and satisfaction; compassion, enthusiasm, knowledge, commitment, and humility. It is often said that leaders are born, to a small degree I would confer, but I have seen many Leaders grow as they worked on their skills. Some of the finest volunteer leaders I have had the pleasure to meet in our association, had never planned on leading.

Personally, the style and methods I use today are totally different then what I had as a 20, 30 or 40-year-old. As a young 20-year-old, I was much more authoritative and individual, with time and experience, I have seen the value and effectiveness of being collaborative and inclusionary. Our Multiple has amazing resources to help us each grow as a leader, have you explored those?

  • Who looks to you for leadership in your daily life?
  • What type of a leader would you say you are?
  • What type of a leader would others describe you as?
  • How are you a different leader today than you were in the past?
  • What type of leader do you aspire to be in the future?

As we head into the spring, we each should be having conversations at both the Club and District levels regarding our future leaders. We owe it to our clubs and communities to develop and attract new leadership. I am asking each of the California Lions to take a vested interest in our leadership, who do we need to encourage, mentor and inspire to be our next leaders? We have all seen the benefits of having inspired, enthusiastic, and committed leaders in our clubs. Let’s make developing the next generation leaders a priority for each of us, find that Diamond that needs a little nudge.

Ballot Items

We do have a couple of items on the ballot at the upcoming Multiple District Convention that deserve our attention and support. Please make sure that each of our respective club delegates know how your club wishes to vote on the ballot items in advance of the convention.

We are blessed to have two wonderful candidates to choose from as the next endorsed candidate for International Director from MD4; PDG Chuck Cassy and PCC Derek Ledda. Additionally, we are voting on a long overdue dues increase for the multiple, that is needed to continue the great work we do here in California. I am supporting this dues increase, and would be happy to discuss with anyone who has questions about this ballot item.

Thank you for all you do for your clubs, your communities, and our association.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Redding.

PDG Steve Robeson, GLT Coordinator
Global Leadership Team
Club leadership is “what it’s all about!”  The philosophy of Lions Clubs International Leadership Division is very clear.  We leadership trainers and support staff at every level are dedicated to support every club in the club’s attempts to serve the local community.  We do so by helping the club officers get the up-to-date schooling in each area of club responsibility:  secretaries, treasurers, presidents/vice presidents, and committee chairs. 


Where does this training occur?” you might ask.  Well, it can happen (at the club’s request) in the club. 

  • The Zone Chair often provides help. 
  • The Region Chair can serve as a forum for training. 
  • The District GLT and or GMT teams/coordinators are equipped with the resources and experience to connect your club with answers and programs to clarify and solve many of your concerns. 

All of these people present chances to learn at district meetings.   And certainly, the District Governor Team has been trained to problem-solve and understand club structure and “best-practices.”  They are often the link to other training experiences outside the district, like the USA/Canada Leadership Forum and the MD 4 Lions Leadership Institute. 

The Multiple District 4 GLT provides clubs with the opportunity to attend and benefit from “The Institute”, as we call it.  We provide it in two locations each year, one in the north-state (Sacramento) and one in the South (Ontario).  The testimonials of the attendees at each institute show overwhelming satisfaction with the lessons learned and the abounding spirit of “Lionism” they are exposed to at the institute.  It’s with great confidence we can say, “Try it, you’ll like it!” 

It’s our pleasure to serve you, 

The MD 4 Global Leadership Team: 


PCC Liz Crooke
PDG Ken Ibarra
PDG Chris Ohrmund
PDG Steve Robeson, Coordinator

PDG Linda Griffin, GMT Coordinator
Climbing the Membership Mountains -
        One Step at a Time...
Congratulations to all the Lions of Multiple District Four. We are climbing the mountain of Membership Growth—one step at a time. As a team, we are making a difference in the lives of our new members, our established members, our communities both locally and internationally. We are meeting the challenge of membership growth.    
Statistics, which can be boring, but I would like to show you our success in the world of Lions Clubs International. The growth comes with hard work and dedication of all of us. The figures below show our membership at the end of 2016. 
  • Texas 25,047 - 497
  • Minnesota 21,482 -41
  • Multiple District Four 20,408 + 321 
  • Pennsylvania 19,190 - 281 
Currently, we have 734 clubs, membership of 20,429 with a plus of 342 members.

With all of that said, it is not too early to start thinking about how to stop the dreaded end of the year drops. Clubs should be encouraged to work on maintaining the relationships with all of their members—the established and the new members.
  • Are we meeting their needs?
  • Are we listening to the ideas?
  • Are we mentoring them both at the club and district levels?
  • Are we making our service projects are meeting the needs of the community?

If you answer “NO” to anyone of the questions, you need to reevaluate your maintenance program for keeping our members satisfied. 

Membership maintenance has never been easier as we get ready to celebrate our 100 years of service. There are projects of varying size and commitment to keep our members engaged. Lions, we need everyone to be committed to membership growth and retention. We have the tools, resources and leaders to help everyone meet the goal of not losing a member. 
Remember the seven (7) steps for membership growth. 
  1. Increase the value of being a member—host a new member orientation. 
  2. Utilize “How are your ratings” questionnaire—find ways to make the members proud of their club. 
  3. Do a “Community Needs Assessment”—hold high quality service projects. 
  4. Host a service project—this time include club family members. 
  5. Increase the number of members—bring in younger members and family members.
  6. Take two (2) or more online leadership courses—become a leader. 
  7. Think in new and dynamic ways—utilize the “Your Club, Your Way” and the Blue Print for a Strong Club and or take advantage of the Club Quality Initiative. 
I am asking that you start on a new path with challenges to be better and more productive Lions. Use the tools that are available, listen to one another, commit to growing the services to our communities. Dare to change and promote ourselves as the leaders of community service. Remember, that membership satisfaction is a key to maintaining, engaging and strengthening membership. 
Together we will be successful! 
The Global Membership Team will be holding workshops at the Multiple District Four Convention starting Friday morning and Saturday afternoon. Our concept is one of flexibility—we are asking the attendees to bring their questions for us to answer and open discuss with everyone. We want to explore the Lion’s needs, concerns and to promote their successes. We are working on preparing them for the future.  
“More Lions plus More Service equals 
A Better World for Tomorrow.” 

We are sponsoring with the Family and Women’s Membership Development Committee, the Saturday seminar with PID Judy Hankom. The seminar is titled: Women in Lions - in-Win Combination. The day will end with PID Judy joining with the Global Membership Team and the continuation of general membership topics. We ask everyone to bring their questions so that we all can participate in solving the needs of Lions Membership.
PCC Roger Powell, MD4 LCIF Chair

Making Our Motto a Reality: "Giving Is Good!" 

Best wishes to all for a prosperous and successful 2017 from Lions Clubs International Foundation, our charity! 

We are beginning the second half of our year on an optimistic note. Contributions are coming in at a steady pace, and we are well on our way to meeting our goal of raising at least $400,000 from Multiple District 4 this year.  
Improving Participation Remains a Primary Goal 

Besides meeting our fund raising goal, another primary objective remains improving participation by members and clubs as well as increasing the number of clubs becoming 100% donors. In 2015-16 we had ten 100% clubs. So far this year there are eleven. While this is an excellent accomplishment over previous years, it represents only a small fraction of the 725 clubs in our multiple. WE CAN DO BETTER! 

Becoming a 100% Club 

Lions who contribute $20, $50 or $100 earn the designation of a "Contributing Member" and an award of a bronze, silver or gold pin. The donations also count toward the Melvin Jones Fellowship. To achieve 100% status, all of a club's members must donate the minimum $20. The club must accumulate all of the members' contributions and send them together to LCIF Donor Services, including a list of donor names for appropriate recognition.  

Measles Campaign Concludes This Year 

The measles campaign closes out this year and thus remains a top priority. $1 for one shot can immunize a child for life and avert preventable deaths. All contributions are doubled in matching funds from our worldwide partners. To access ways to give to this and other important areas, go to lcif.org and click on "Ways to Give."  

Aiming for Another First Place Finish 

Let's aim to add a fifth  year to our #1 contributor ranking in Lions Constitutional Area 1  by supporting our California Lions slogan "Giving Is Good"! 

Lions Happenings
2016-2017 Peace Poster Contest
by PDG Lita Guidotti

Peace Poster Contest began to give young people the opportunity to creatively express their feelings for world peace and to share their vision with the world through “ART”. 

The 2016-2017 theme is “A CELEBRATION OF PEACE” in which 15 districts have participated in the contest. The judging took place on December 8, 2016 at the MD4 office in Santa Barbara with a delicious Italian cuisine lunch prepared by our Manager Cass Cara.  ID Howard Hudson and Lion Lynn, Council Chair David Radtke, MCIT Chair PDG Lita Guidotti, 1st VDG Norm Mcdaniel, PDG Chuck Cassey and some Lions were in attendance.  

The four (4) judges carefully evaluated the posters based upon three criteria, expression of the theme, artistic merit and originality.  The winners go to the following participants:

WINNER:  Carisa Chiu

District 4-C4 
Age: 12 years old, Taylor Middle School 
Club Sponsor: Milbrae Lions Club 
Club President: Lion Bruce Sutter 
District Governor: DG Rod Mercado 
Theme: “Nurture this world with love and peace” 

Honorable Mention: Micelle LA 

District 4-L2
Age: 13 years old,Grade 8
Newton Middle School     
Club Sponsor: City of Industry Lions Club
Club President: Lion David Ruthford
District Governor:  DG Manny Sanchez 

Honorable Mention: Emily Cowling

District 4-C3 
Christ the King School 
Club Sponsor: Diablo Valley LC
Club President: John Silva 
District Governor: DG Leo Macias 


District 4-L2
Age: 11 years old, 6th Grade 
Los Alisos Middle School 
Club sponsor: Montebello Lions Club 
Club President: Lion Ryan Rice
District Governor:  DG Manny Sanchez
Theme: “What Peace is to me?” 

Let us encourage every lions club in our district to engage with the youth in their community to sponsor a peace poster contest; to sponsor students in the Lions International Essay contest. The essay contest is an opportunity to visually impaired young student to express peace. 

For the year 2017-2018 the theme is “The Future of Peace”.

San Francisco Bay Area Lions

The Lions of Districts 4-C4, 4-C3 and 4-C6 are partnering and holding a gala celebration of our 100 years of service around the world. 

This once-in-a-lifetime event is a dynamic occasion for sharing, learning, discussion and acknowledgment of the Lion’s community from the Mountains to the Golden Gate Bridge and to the Pacific Ocean. 

The Centennial party highlights the diverse volunteers and successful local and international community projects and service that focus on vision, health, literacy, and the environment. Our Lions mission statement is “We Serve.”  

98th Annual MD4 State Convention
Lions Clubs Centennial Commemorative Coin
on Sale Now!
In celebration of a century of humanitarian service, Lions Clubs worked with the United States Mint to produce a limited edition 1 ounce professionally crafted silver dollar coin. This coin is a limited edition. Only 400,000 will be created. Once sold out, no more coins will be made. Each coin is packaged in its own beautiful presentation case and includes a certificate of authenticity. Purchasing this historic Lions Centennial keepsake supports the life-changing work of LCIF. For each coin sold, USD$10 is authorized to be paid to LCIF. This represents a USD$4 million opportunity to improve the lives of people in need through LCIF initiatives around the world. 
For a limited time only, you can purchase this historic keepsake for the low, introductory price of US$47.95 only through the U.S. Mint! But hurry: this offer expires at 3:00 pm EST on February 21, 2017.

Lions Clubs International
Centennial World Message
This year we delivered our largest Lions symbol along with our logo and centennial trademark on our largest Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade Float to the world. The Lions float will be seen on over 200 countries. The stats indicated that 70 million people will see the float on television and an additional 2.5 million will see the float on-line. One million people will have seen the float along the parade route.

Be proud Lions and Leos that we spent over thirty-three thousand volunteer hours to plan and decorate the float. We did the project ahead of schedule. Be proud that every non-lion who visited the float barn during the decorating process commented on our dedication to detail and commitment to our float project. 


Student Speakers Contest
by Lion Alan M. Winkelstein, Student Speakers Contest Committee Chair
As most California Lions probably already know, the Council of Governors has once again selected a wonderful thought-provoking topic for the 80th Annual MD-4 Student Speakers Contest, “Is the Right to Privacy a Threat to Our National Security?” 

By the time this is published, some of the Club Contests will have already been run and the winning students will be polishing their speeches for their respective Zone Contests. 

This year, to aid the students, as well as, to keep all Lions informed, a list of dates, times and locations of all Club, Zone, Region and District Contests is available online at www.md4lions.org, provided the individual Contest Chairpersons posted the appropriate information on the website.  Being that this is the first year, it may take some time to be adopted by all, but I think it is a step in the right direction, so that there are no questions or concerns as to when Contests are being held.  

As most of the students who participate in our Contest our usually involved in other activities, as well as, other speech competitions, it is imperative that they are aware of the future Lions Clubs Contest dates to ensure their participation throughout the Contest.  I look forward to the day when every Contest can be found on the MD-4 website. 


The four Area winners will be presenting their speeches at the Final Contest to be held in conjunction with the June Council of Governors meeting on Saturday, June 3, 2017, at the Pasadena Hilton Hotel.  If you have never had the pleasure of attending an Area or Final Contest, attempt to make it a priority, as it is indeed a special treat. 

The students’ speeches at these levels of the Contest are truly outstanding and we, as California Lions, in conjunction with the California Student Speakers Foundation, which provides the monetary awards for the fifteen District, four Area and the one Final contest winners of over $103,000 each year, can be incredibly proud of the quality program that we provide for high school students across the State. 

Finally, if you want a glimpse of what to expect as this year’s Final Contest, and the caliber of student that this Contest attracts, check out last year’s Final Contest winner, Miranda Mize, giving her speech on YouTube/2015-16 MD-4 Lions Student Speakers Contest Final Contest Winner.  Enjoy! 

2015-16 MD-4 Lions Student Speakers Contest Final...

This is an edited version of Miranda Mize giving her winning speech at the 2015-16 Final Contest of the MD-4 Lions Student Speakers Contest at the Council of Governors Meeting in Redding, California on June 04, 2016.

Read more
Lions Eye Foundation
Submitted by District Governor Jamie Hart, 41C1
Many of you already know from my visitations my “back story” of why I chose to make Lions Eye Foundation (LEF) of California/Nevada as my charity of choice, namely that I feel very fortunate that my parents had the financial ability to pay for my muscle balance surgery to correct my “lazy eye” at the ripe age of 14 months. If they didn’t have insurance and I wasn’t sponsored and transported to San Francisco by a Lions Club to get the surgery, I would have gone blind in my weaker eye. 

During the second weekend in January, I had the unique opportunity to attend a quarterly meeting of LEF Trustees and Advisors held in Aptos, CA. I did this mostly to find out about the nuts and bolts of how this Foundation works as well as get a more in-depth view of its current plans. In the process, I found out some things I wasn’t aware of, as well as reminded of things I already knew, but weren’t in the forefront of my mind.  

Cowboys to Kids:  Building Tomorrow's Leaders
by Marva Murphy, Burbank Noon Lions (4-L1)

The “Baby Boomer” crowd will remember actor Hugh O’Brien as their TV cowboy hero “Wyatt Earp." O’Brien eventually put down his six-shooter and moved on to preparing for the future. Believing the leaders of tomorrow needed to be groomed today, O'Brien started the Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation (HOBYhttp://hoby.org

His program deals specifically with recognizing skills and leadership qualities in young high school students across the country, and then, nurturing their talents by providing training.

HOBY, introduced to members of the Burbank Noon Lions (BNL) at a USA/Canada Forum in 2003, had a relationship with Lions Clubs International at the time. This enabled many students to attend the weekend leadership conference by virtue of funding, provided by local Lions Clubs. The BNL participated in HOBY for the first time in 2004. Working with faculty and students at Burbank High School, a HOBY recipient has been sponsored by the Burbank Noon Lions ever since.

Each year, the past HOBY recipient and the newly selected recipient, along with their school counselor, makes a visit to a Burbank Noon’s club meeting in early spring. "This life changing experience would not have occurred without all of your generosity," wrote Burbank High School student Clara Bishop, in a thank you note to the BNL. Identified by her teachers as a potential candidate for the 2016 conference, Bishop was eventually selected from a group of qualified students.


California Lions Foundation 
Fellow Lions of MD4,

Your board of directors of the California Lions Foundation (CLF) is excited about the progress we have made since our approval as a 501(c)(3) corporation in mid-October. CLF can now accept donations that are tax deductible to the donor. To date we have received contributions from 25 individual Lions and clubs totaling over $32,000. Donations can be in cash, stock in publicly traded companies, cars/boats/motor homes, and real estate (with prior approval).

The objective of CLF is to provide matching grants between $500 and $10,000 for Lions service projects in California. CLF will also accept donations for specified projects so long as the service project falls within the scope of CLF and is eligible to be treated as a tax deductible donation under IRC 501(c)(3).

CLF is not duplicating services or grants available from LCIF and other foundations or sources. Other foundations continue to be beneficial to Lions in service to their communities.

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